News » Amran: Without Technology, We Cannot Compete

(adm/Oct 31, 2015)

BOGOR – In the current global situation, to achieve food sovereignty through the achievement of food security in a sustainable manner is a necessity for the people of Indonesia as a tropical country that has abundant natural resources. In accordance to that, Minister for Agriculture Dr. Andi Amran Sulaiman at the working meeting of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Friday (30/10/2015) said that the Ministry of Agriculture has made the effort and hard work to achieve these targets.

Production of unhusked rice (ARAM) of 2015 is the highest in the last 10 years, which is estimated at 75.55 million tons of dry milled grain (GKG) or increased 6.64 percent compared to 2014. In addition, the Minister said that during the years of the Cabinet, no rice import is done and the stocks in The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) is also the same as last year, even with the export of organic rice to Europe.

On the occasion, Minister appreciated the researchers and engineers whom have resulted various technology innovations that is said capable in changing the agricultural sector in Indonesia. “Without technology we definitely would not be able to compete and our society would not be prosperous,” said Amran.

He also invited researchers to hand in hand together down to the field with solid synergy, because without it the Ministry of Agriculture would not be able to do much for the country. Synergy is also for the policy where in one year of the government, Ministry of Agriculture has made new regulations and deregulate some consisting regulation.

This enabled the people to enjoy agricultural machineries and tool from the government as much as 62,000 units, up 2000% increased from a year ago, as well as other agricultural infrastructure.

The Minister also reminded that in the future, food self-sufficiency will be able to achieved with the support of modern agricultural mechanization, for example, cultivating the land using the machine can save as much as 40%, the use of rice transplanter can save 50% of the cost, and combine harvester can cut the losses of harvest from 10.2% to 2%.

“Eight percent difference is equal to 5 million tons. Only by using a combine harvester throughout Indonesia, is a self-sufficient,” said Minister.