News » IAARD Hands Royalties to Researchers

(adm/Nov 18, 2015)

JAKARTA – Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), yesterday (17/11/2015) handed royalties to researchers of IAARD.

Royalties were given to researchers for their research results that achieved patent certificate and also being cooperated with the business world. It was in accordance with the Minister for Finance Regulation number 72/2015 about rewards originating from the state income non tax patent royalties.

On the occasion, seven patent received royalties, i.e. fertilizer product, botanical pesticide, low glycemic rice, Indo Jarwo Transplanter, Mini Combine Harvester, and Automatic Weather Station data recording device. .

Until now there are 139 IAARD’s innovations that have cooperated with the business world, of that number 64 are innovations in the form of patents.

The delivery of royalties by Director General for IAARD Dr Muhammad Syakir is expected to further stimulate the interest of researchers for more generating patents in its research activities.

This patent will ensure there is an element of novelty of the technology generated by researcher, and open opportunities for cooperation with the business world in the dissemination.

IAARD’s cooperation with the business world in Technology Transfer is in line with the spirit of Law No. 18/2002 on the National System of Science and Technology Research Development also the Government Regulation No. 20/2005 about Research & Development Intellectual Property Technology Transfer by the University and Research Institution.

In working together with the business world, the basic principle held by IAARD is the corporate world will assist IAARD in delivering IAARD’s innovation to the end user. Thus, the selection criteria for the business partners is based on capacity and their ability to reach the end user.

In the future, to the increasingly diverse IAARD’s product innovation, it is expected that cooperation with the business world is growing, to be able to reach the end users which are also more diverse.

Delivery of royalties is still limited to researchers who have patents, while for other IPRs such as PVP, copywriting, trade secrets and others are still in process in the Ministry of Finance.