News » Soil Sampling and GHG Emission Observation

(adm/Mei 03, 2017)

Alternative Review of Effective and Sustainable Palm Oil Regeneration Pattern is an activity from Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP) with a team of researchers from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, Horticultural Food Crop Service and Riau Province Plantation and IAARD Riau.

The research team from IAARD Riau who is involved in this activity are, Dr. Ir. Ida Nuristina, M.Si assisted by Nurhayati SP., M.Si and Hery Widyanto, SP. This activity aims at determining the best pattern of oil palm rejuvenation in terms of financing patterns and alternatives for planting crops to increase farmers' income and minimize the rate of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In previous time ago, the team of IAARD Riau conducted soil sampling and observation of GHG emissions at the location of activities in Bukit Jaya Village, Ukui District, Pelalawan Regency. This activity aims at determining the condition of soil fertility prior to intercropping in palm oil plant gardens and will be used as a reference for fertilizer recommendation of intercropping plants. GHG emission measurements are carried out using Infra-Red Gas Analyzer, to know the release of CO2 into the air prior to intercropping, and will then be measured periodically according to the growth phase of the intercrops.

Soil sampling and GHG emission measurements were carried out on all four oil palm plantation estates selected for the location of the research activity. The width of each plot ± 2 hectares and in each plot taken 5 observation points that are considered to represent the overall condition of oil palm cultivation.

Soil Sampling