News » PMp Duck fulfils the needs of protein

(adm/Jun 23, 2017)

The Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD/Balitbangtan), in order to fulfil the Indonesian people’s needs for animal protein, has developed a strain duck called PMp duck.

This duck genetically contains the blood gene combinations of Peking and White Mojosari ducks. It has white coloured feather like the Mojosari’s and also clean and bright white carcass.

It weighs of 2 – 2.5 kg (mature duck) with the weight of the egg around 35-45 gram. At its age of six month, PMp duck is able to produce eggs about 73 – 78 percent.

PMp duck can also be used to produce medium or large carcass, according to consumer demand, with good duck meat quality.

This duck can be raised both intensively and semi-intensively. It is hoped that this duck can be a commercial livestock that is widely commercialised.

Other than that, the existence of the new duck strain is expected to reduce the use of layer ducks in the provision of duck meat also it will substitute the imported duck meat. (tds)

For further information : Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production (IRIAP)