News » Keprok JOP, Fresh and Sweet

(adm/Jun 18, 2017)

The Ministry of Agriculture recently released a new superior variety of citrus named Keprok JOP. The citrus, which stands for Jeruk Oranye Parahyangan or an orange from Parahyangan, is superior for its orange coloured zest, fresh sweet sour taste with sugar level of 12.7º brix and contains 87.40% of juice.  

Keprok JOP has a yield around 75 – 80 kg/tree/year. This citrus weighing of around 115.5 – 158.6 gram with a flat rounded shape and light orange coloured flesh.

JOP is originated from a parent tree from Bandung, West Java which are Lembang, Parongpong, and Cisarua districts.

This citrus is suitable to be planted at 900 – 1200 m above sea level. It is at this level of height in order to get an orange coloured zest. The higher the land the colour of the zest will become more orange.

With its superiorities, this citrus is potential to be widely developed. (tds)

For further information : Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Institute (ICISFRI)