News » Pineapple by-products for ruminant feed

(adm/Jul 07, 2017)

The process of pineapple juice leaves out remaining products around 85 percent of the whole fruit such as the rind, hard outer shell, even the pulp.

But, a proper process can increase the value of those by-products and can be used as feed for ruminants like cattle which then can stipulate the development of cattle farm commercially in order to support the national meat production.

Researchers discovered that those by-products are a potential source of energy especially for ruminants. The relatively high fibre content enables the products to substitute grass as basic feed.  

The pineapple rind can be used as a form of concentrate feed (supplement) and complete feed components. It can also be used as much as 10 to 20 percent in feed. (tds)

For further information: Goats Research Station (GOATRES)