News » Calamondin, an ornamental citrus plant

(adm/Jul 12, 2017)

Calamondin citrus is known to originate from China as a result of a natural breed between mandarin and kumquat citruses.

This fruit has spread to several Asian countries with different names. In Indonesia, this citrus is usually called among others as Peres (squeeze), Kasturi, and cut orange. Calamondin is an early ripe type of fruit (less than one year) which is also ripen throughout the year, and it can ripen in the nursery media.  

The juice of calamondin citrus tasted sour with a distinctive and strong scent; therefore, it is usually used for drinks and additional food flavoring especially for seafood and meat that have fishy smell. The juice itself contains phosphor, calcium, and vitamin C which are good for the health.

Calamondin plant can also serves as ornamental plant in a pot and can be placed in the front yard for it is bushes shaped plant with round shaped fruit and yellow-gold colored zest. (tds)

For further information: Indonesian Center for Horticulture Research and Development (ICHORD)