News » New improved rice varieties for dryland

(adm/Jul 20, 2017)

The National Rice Consortium of Indonesia, in 2017, has released three new improved rice varieties: INPAGO 12 AGRITAN, IPB 9G, and UNSOED PARIMAS.

Experiments of the varieties were done in eight dry land location by the Indonesia Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) which collaborated with Bogor Agriculture Institute and Jenderal Sudirman University.

INPAGO 12 AGRITAN has high yielding potential of 10.2 t/ha with the average of 6.7 t/ha, slightly tolerant to drought and resistant to several races of blast disease.  

IPB 9G is improved by Dr Hajrial Aswidinnoor and team from Bogor Agriculture Institute. This variety has yielding potential of 9.09 t/ha with average 6.09 t/ha. It is resistant to several blast diseases.

UNSOED PARIMAS is improved by Prof. Suwarto and team from Jenderal Sudirman University. This type has yielding potential of 9.40 t/ha with average of 6.19 t/ha, resistant to several blast diseases.

The new improved varieties are hoped to be a choice for the farmers to increase the productivity of rice in dry lands. (tds)

Further information on the varieties click the link given: INPAGO 12 AGRITAN, IPB 9G, UNSOED PARIMAS, Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR)

The information are all in Bahasa Indonesia.