News » The Rise of Horticulture in Indonesian Horticultural Club Talkshow

(adm/Sep 06, 2017)

Carrying theme of "Together We Are Ready to Realize the Rise of Nusantara Horticulture", a talkshow on Indonesian Horticultural Club (IHC) was held Tuesday (05/09/2017) at The Margo Hotel, Depok.

 The event was attended by government agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and also stakeholders regarding horticulture business, such as seed companies, UGM, IPB, ITB, farmer breeders, ASBENINDO, PTPN, and others.

Aims of the event were to establish and strengthen networking, to explore national horticulture strategic issues, and to explore the role of innovation in the development of national horticulture. In addition, this event was also intended to share information among stakeholders for development of horticulture.

When delivering a welcome speech, General Director of IAARD, Dr. Muhammad Syakir said that Indonesia has abundant biodiversity and genetic resources, so that the potential of horticulture and plantation is believed to be able to rise again.

"Therefore, horticultural development is pivotal and should be fully supported. IAARD’s support through best quality seed production is also essential to enhance the horticultural competitiveness that has penetrated export markets," he emphasized.

Separately, Director of ICHORD, Dr. Hardiyanto added that the leverage point of the horticultural revitalization lies in the increase of added value and competitiveness to reach self-sufficiency, increased exports, increased production and quality of horticultural commodities. "This is started by providing quality seeds from superior horticultural varieties," he explained.

According to the Director, a number of strategies have also been implemented. Among others are the stabilization of seed production and distribution mechanism through collaboration between IAARD and the Directorate General of Horticulture, Center for Seeds Certification (BPSB), Indonesian Seed Center (BBI), seed companies, breeders and farmer groups.

IHC has produced several important formulas, among others, regarding the concept of open innovation that needs to be built to develop synergies in generating Indonesian horticulture.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of building synergies between research institutions, academics, NGOs and the private world. It is also necessary to promote products, as well as incentives to attract people to develop business in horticulture.

Finally, the production of superior varieties should be oriented to market demand. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a Governemnt policy and immediately prepare an integrative and synergistic action plan for development of horticultural commodities. (vwh)