News » Corporate Farming in Karawang Regency to Maintain Rice Production

(adm/Feb 07, 2018)

Collaborating with Local Government of Karawang Regency, West Java Province, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) have developed Demonstration Farm of Corporate Farming in Jayakerta sub-District. This issue was brought during monthly meeting of Karawang Governance. On that occasion, on behalf of IAARD, the Director of Centre for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (BBSDLP), Prof. Dr. Dedi Nursyamsi, M.Agr delivered a speech in front of 30 headmen from 30 sub-districts under Karawang Regency. This event was also attended by the Expert Team from Taiwan. Afterwards, the activity continued with workshop and field visit (7/02/18).

In his speech, Dedi said, "The main target of agricultural development is food self-sufficiency on rice, corn or maize, soybean, shallot, chili, sugar cane, and beef meat, in which Nawa Cita program as President’s order aimed to realize national food sovereignty. To boost production, one of strategies is Corporate Farming to be implemented in Karawang”.

According to Dr. Achmad Rachman, M.Sc, a researcher from Soil Research Institute under IAARD, the application of Corporate Farming is believed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of farming. The narrow farms (0.25 hectares) owned by farmers will be united into a wider agricultural land (> 50 ha) through a cooperation agreement. By broadening farming land, it is believed to easily facilitate the application of modern agricultural systems and the use of agricultural machinery: from soil processing, planting, to harvesting.
Regent of Karawang represented by his Secretary, Drs. H. Teddy Rusfendi Sutisna welcomed the Development of Corporate Farming Demonstration Farm activities to be carried out in the region. He hopes that Karawang Regency will be able to maintain the production of rice despite the reduction of agricultural land that occurs at the present time.

Furthermore, the Director of BBSDLP explained that the collaboration of Corporate Farming on Agricultural Development will be implemented for three years from 2018 to 2020. Its purpose is to build a model of corporate agriculture farming in Karawang through the use of long storage. The model also plays function as a means of field school for corporate agriculture scaling up, and means of implementing technological innovation of corporate agriculture.
Activities to be carried out include management of water irrigation, rice field cultivation, vegetable cultivation, duck farming, post-harvest activities, and institutional strengthened.(Vwh/Ir)

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