News » LARGO SUPER Brings Innovation in Dryland

(adm/Feb 12, 2018)

Director of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Dr. Muhammad Syakir, M.S., together with related stakeholders under IAARD and local government, has conducted a rice harvest event in Kebumen Regency, particularly in Banjarejo Village and Puliharjo Village, Puring sub-District (12/02/18). Last year, Puring sub-District was the location for development of 100 ha dry land rice applying LARGO SUPER (Larikan Gogo Super) technology. 

Those upland rice was not planted in irrigated rice fields but in lowland dry lands and under coconut trees. At the beginning of the implementation, farmers were in doubt for the success of the cultivation in demonstration areas; however, at the end, they seemed to be so enthusiastic to apply LARGO SUPER technology.

The varieties planted were Inbrida Padi Gogo (INPAGO) varieties 8, 9, 10, and 11, also IPB 8G and IPB 9G, HIPA and Situ Patenggang. These varieties have potential to increase production from 1 t/ha to 3 t/ha. In other words, there can be a 100% increase in real results.

IAARD Director highly appreciates the success of LARGO SUPER approach which has significantly increased rice productivity in dry land of 100 ha demo-farm areas in Puring sub-District. According to the BPS team which has done the tile calculation at several points of LARGO plantation, it has been found that the productivity of upland rice could reach 7.9 t/ha, with details as follows: Inpago 8 yielded 5.00 t/ha, Inpago 9 yielded 6.14 t/ha, Inpago 10 yielded 7.93 t/ha, Inpago 11 yielded 7.10 t/ha. This achievement increased by almost 3 tons compared to those average number by farmers practice. So far, the average of upland rice at the farmers’ level in Puring sub-District is around 4.00 t/ha.

In his speech, Director of IAARD hopes that SUPER LARGO can be developed in all dry land across Indonesia whose potential is still very enormous. Therefore, rice farming in dry land based on technological innovation can be realized, and further, it would bring Indonesia as a world food barn in 2045.

At the same time, the Director also launched LARGO SUPER technology to be applied more broadly in other dry land areas in Indonesia. From Banjareja Village, Puring Sub-district, Kebumen Regency, LARGO SUPER will be developed to increase productivity of dry land throughout Indonesia. Scaling up activities will be guarded by researchers and extension officers of AIATs (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology) in 33 Provinces.

To end the event, the Director was having a dialogue with farmers. It seemed that the audience are so enthusiastic about LARGO SUPER. So, it is not exaggerating in saying, IAARD proudly presents LARGO SUPER technology that has been successfully implemented for national food security.

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