News » In ICRR, Japan Built a Trial of Sheet-Pipe System

(adm/Mar 15, 2018)

Sukamandi – As a follow up of last meeting in September 2017, a construction company from Japan, Kyouwa Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd, built a trial of Sheet-Pipe System located in Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) in Sukamandi, West Java Province (13/3/2018). In this occasion, the trial was built in one hectare of land in Research Station of ICRR.

For long terms, drainage technology could be an alternative to support the development of agricultural land, particularly those outside Java island, such as Sumatera and Kalimantan. This technology has been developed and improved by Kyouwa Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

The technology uses a specific drainage pipe, which was previously in the form of perforated plastic sheets; then after being installed, it formed to be pipes with capillary holes.

For installation, other equipment needed are mole drainer and piper. Mole drainer is an underground heavy tool. Piper works in shaping plastic sheets to pipes.

Sheet-pipe then is set under 45 cm depth so that the water excess in the field can quickly be drained. When the drainage function increases, plants will be growing so well that bringing to the higher yields.

This technology has been applied in many agricultural land in Japan, and proven to improve the function of drainage. Therefore, it is believed that this technology could rise the yields as well as be cost-effective working in the field. (shr/vwh)

sheet pipe system