News » No Pests for Happy Farmers

(adm/Mei 23, 2018)

A researcher from Indonesian Wetland Research Institute (Balitra-Ina), Syaiful Asikin, has found an eco-friendly pesticide, with the so-called phyto-pesticide. This pesticide contains mainly bark of stems and “kepayang” leaves (Pangium edule). In addition, the formula of this phyto-pesticide has been patented.

The formula could be an alternative of environmentally-friendly pest management. It works effectively to control brown plant hoppers (Nilavarpata lugens Stall) with nymphs’ mortality around 80-95%. Moreover, its effectiveness to kill leaves pests could reach between 75% and 95%.

The use of insecticide by farmers in Indonesia relates closely to their perceptions on pest and disease outbreak as a source of failure to harvesting. Meanwhile, chemical insecticide is believed as the most effective way to overcome the outbreak. This has led to the massive usage of insecticides excessively.

As a consequence of high frequency on using chemical insecticides, there will emerge the resistance and resurgence toward pests. Besides, it also kills untargeted organisms as pests and affects to negative impacts toward environment and human beings. In order to cope with those drawbacks f chemical insecticides, then, phyto-pesticide could be the best answer for farmers to have no pests in the field. (Mb/vwh)