News » Machinery for Processing Biopharmaca

(adm/Mei 22, 2018)

In general, farmers sell the produce of biopharmaca commodities in raw materials or fresh products. In order to improve the value-added, those produce could be sold in the form of semi-finished materials to be input for medicines, food and beverages. Therefore, appropriate machinery for processing biopharmaca products is required.

There has been such of collaborative research between IAARD and Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. This collaboration also involved local government office. On behalf of IAARD, ICAERD (Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development) has produced two type machines for processing biopharmaca.

First, a machine to clean the rhizomes for medicines. Its capacity could reach 50-100 kg/process. The process takes about 15 minutes long. Second, another machine called drying machine with energy saving. Its capacity is around 150-200 kg/process.

This machine aims at improving the function of previous version of the machine, such as chopper and disc miller. The improvement by two machines brings a choice for processing curcuma to be either beverages or flour. It is believed that the good handling processing will increase the value-added as well as enhance the market. Thus, the business will run profitably instead of selling fresh produces. (vwh, source: Wira/Rjs)

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