News » Water Efficient Technology to Support Off-Season Mango Harvest

(adm/Mei 28, 2018)

So far, we have already off season technology to prolong harvest time for mangoes, which is paclobutrazol, a kind of chemical compound to inhibit the shoot growth. Peak season for mangoes used to happen around November to December. At this time, the price is at the lowest. Therefore, technology needs to work to lengthen the harvesting season in order to maintain the peak season in several points of time.

Nevertheless, paclobutrazol could not stand alone. It must be supported by good water management, fertilizer, and pest management. Technology using water efficiently is an answer, particularly in the dry land where there’s water scarcity.

IAARD has released such technology using efficient inputs, water, and pesticides. For instance, NanoClay, Biochar, and banana-stem composts are an example of the products to absorb, release, and keep lots of water and nutrients in plants. It aims to develop technology using water efficient to support off-season mango harvest.

Nanoclay is to increase the production using water consumption around one third of the normal one. Biochar is to improve soil structure and increase essential nutrients for growing plants. Banana-stem compost is used as compost for plants growth.

Using the dosage of 60 kg/plant of mango in the field could decrease water consumption by 33%. The number is 1600 liter/plant compared to control which is 2400 liter/plant. Thus, there’s an increase of production around 45-50%. (Vwh, source. Ind)

For further info: ICHORD

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