News » The Importance of Protecting Inventions with Intellectual Property Rights

(adm/Aug 10, 2018)

The protection of Intellectual Property Rights is very important and strategic issue because it is closely related to the global trade. In the business world, patents, brands, copyrights, protection of plant varieties and others are not separated from Intellectual Property Rights. They are also an intangible asset. Trading of an intangible asset also dominates in developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Korea, and so forth.

"History has proven that there are many businesses growing and obtaining huge profits because they are able to utilize the power of their invention. One company can have tens or even hundreds of patents. Thus, they can create revolutionary products and become the world's leading technology company", said Dr. Retno Sri Hartati Mulyandari who is represented the Director General of the Indonesian Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) in her opening remarks on the Technical Guidance of Intellectual and Property Rights (7/8/2018) at IPB International Convention Center (ICC), Bogor.

IAARD hold events The Technical Guidance of Capacity Building on Intellectual Property for inventors and managers in Intellectual Property Arrangement and Management on August 7 – 10, 2018 at the IPB ICC, Bogor. The theme of this event was Accelerating Intellectual Property Invention of Intellectual Property towards Innovation that was attended more than 70 structural officials and inventors from IAARD’s Branch Office and the 2017’s Agriventor Finalists.

Until June 2018, IAARD through the Office for Agricultural Technology Transfer and Intellectual Management registered 335 patents. Moreover, 153 of them were granted. Nationally, based on the data from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law and Human Rights (2018), IAARD is the most patent-granted institution until 2017. In addition, IAARD has also produced more than 500 varieties that are registered and 108 superior varieties of plants that have been requested for protection (64 of those have been issued certificates of protection of plant varieties).

IAARD also collaborated on commercially of technology transfer (licensing) with business/industry to accelerate the utilization of inventions that have intellectual property value to the society. Until 2017, IAARD managed to attract around 93 licensing partners with more than 130 commercially licensed inventions.

The Technical Guidance activities was organized by the IAARD through the Office for Agricultural Technology Transfer and Intellectual Management in collaboration with SMARTD Project, as well as initiating the Agro Innovation Fair on the spot activities which will be held from August 8-13, 2018 at the Office.(AW)