News » The Role of Youth in Accelerating Inventions towards Agricultural Innovation

(adm/Aug 13, 2018)

The role of youth is inseparable from a nation's civilization. The progress of a nation depends on the rule of its youth, another aspect is the agriculture sector. Creative and energetic ideas from the youth are needed by the agriculture sector in producing innovative technologies that have high value, effective and efficient.

How to attract the youth to be interested in the agriculture sector? Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) on Sunday, August 12, 2018 held the Talk Show on the Role of Youth in Accelerating Inventions towards Innovation at the Office for Agricultural Technology Transfer and Intellectual Management in Bogor. This event attended 53 participants and all of them were the youth. This event was one of the 2018 Agro Innovation Fair on the spot implementation.

The participants were very enthusiastic to listen the presentation and continued with a dialogue about agribusiness regarding obstacles, challenges and success stories that were delivered by young entrepreneurs such as Eva L.A. Madarona (PT. Fajar Sejati Sukses/Ijo Hydro); Wageyana (young entrepreneurs that was assisted by Yogyakarta Assessment Institute for Agriculture Technology); and Dede Zaenab (Manager of the Cigombong Agricultural Technology Park). This program was moderated by Mr. Kuntoro Boga Andri, SP., M.Agr., Ph.D., Head of Public Relations and Information in the Ministry of Agriculture.

"I am very interested in the agriculture, especially in the spirit of youth. It seems that Indonesian agriculture needs a new breakthrough in the future. This activity makes me aware of many things. Thus, I can interpret the agriculture widely. For example, the agriculture does not require extensive land but it can be applied in narrow land and more innovative as well. Besides that, the agriculture is not planted directly on the ground but also it can plant through verticulture, hydroponics and tissue culture. The opportunity for the business is very large compared to farming in conventional way" said Nurul Huda (Vocational Student of Bogor Agriculture Institute).(AW)