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(adm/Feb 05, 2019)

BOGOR - Bangladesh Delegation had the opportunity to visit Cigombong Agricultural Techno Park (ATP) on Tuesday (02/05/2019). The 16 delegates were participants from the National Agricultural Technology Program's Department of Agricultural Extention, Government of Bangladesh as part of scientific exchange (SE) activities on the topic of Advanced Agricultural Technologies and Extension Services.

The delegation was received by the Head of  Agricultural Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management office (ATTIPM), Dr. Ir. Retno Sri Hartati Mulyandari, representative of the Bogor Regency Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Service, drh. Ramilah and Dede Zaenab, the manager of Agricultural Techno Park Cigombong.

This scientific exchange was intended to knowledge sharing on IPR governance and agricultural technology transfer carried out by ATTIPM, the delegation also had the opportunity to learn infrastructure available at Cigombong Agriculture Techno Park, as well as the application of technology (including those with Intellectual Property). The upstream-downstream technology of the IAARD local (kampong) chicken, known as KUB which is the TTP icon became a serious discussion in this visit. The leaders and members of the delegation appreciated the spray-type insemination tool which was a valuable intellectual property invention from the joint creation between researchers from the Research and Development Agency and the ATP team and also farmers because it was appropriate based on the end user’s needs. The egg weight and price of eggs to the final consumer level was also became serious attention of the delegates. They stated that the price of local chicken eggs in Bangladesh is similar to Indonesia.

Other intellectual property right based on technologies, bio-decomposers, which has been licensed by industry partners with the “agrodeko” trademark which is also implemented in demonstrations of pre-urban verticulture plots in the ATP site, is an interesting part of the delegation. This is because it has been directly adopted by women's groups in the manufacture of verticultural planting media for the organic vegetables production. At least 70 housewives around the Cigombong ATP have routinely produced verticulture-based organic vegetables with their own production planting media. ATP facilitates the marketing network of vegetable products so that economic added value can be valuable for farmers because they can get good prices.

Bangladesh delegates hope that the experience and knowledge gained during this visit can be implemented in Bangladesh.(Mb/As)

Bangladesh Delegation Visited to TTP Cigombong

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