News » Boom Sprayer Helps Farmers for Controlling Pest and Disease and Plant Fertilization

(adm/Feb 14, 2019)

Development of agriculture machinery for controlling pest and disease is important because pest and disease have significant effect in yield losses. Pest and disease will have directly or indirectly effect on both quality and quantity of yield and thus effect on reducing farming benefit. Therefore agriculture machinery was needed for helping farmer to eradicate pest and disease.

Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) through Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development (ICAERD) has launched Boom Sprayer Machine for fertilization and controlling pest and disease. This machine was operated by one operator (riding), and will breakdown a solution in to droplet and spray. The main components of engine consist of engine, drive wheel, a nozzle and hydraulic system circuit. The equipment speed can be adjusted based on the desired spraying dose.

Boom Sprayer Machine has high flexibility and productivity as well as wide range coverage area. It has 1,160 kg curb weight 500 liters tank capacity. Boom Sprayer Machine has average speed 1.58 km per hour on dry land and 1.36 km per hour in paddy fields with spraying volume of 1,195.07 – 1,279.60 liters per ha on dry land and 1,449.99 – 1,648. 92 liters per hectare for rice fields. It has engine speed of 18.5 kW per 300 rpm, 3,950-4,280 mm of length engine dimension, 9,100 mm wide engine dimension and 2700 mm high engine dimension, 1,575 mm of wheel shaft, 1600 mm of wheel distance and 940 mm ground clearance. While the fuel consumption is 3.28 liters per hectare on dry land and 3.37 liters per hectare on paddy fields. In addition, it has comfortable maneuverability therefore it can be used for pesticides, fungicides and herbicides spraying and performing liquid fertilization. It also has spray height variation for adapting to the plant height variation.

This innovation is expected to become a reliable technology for farmers in the dry land and paddy field to do liquid fertilization and controlling pest and disease.(AS)

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