News » Two Superior Citrus from Bali

(adm/Jun 25, 2019)

Bali is well known for its natural beauty. As the number one tourist destination in Indonesia, this island has natural resources including horticultural commodities that have the potential to be developed.

In Bali, people are already familiar with Bali wines which have developed and become one of  leading commodities.

Besides wine, it turns out that Bali has two citrus varieties that some people might not know. They are Tangerine cv. Tejakula (C. reticulata Blanco) and Tangerine Siam cv. Kintamani (Citrus nobilis Lour).

Tangerine Tejakula:

In the past, Tangerine Tejakula had succeeded and became a prime product especially in Tejakula, the coastal area of Buleleng. As a result of the attack of citrus disease, it began to disappear from its origin. This Tangerine has an orange color even though it is planted in the lowlands. It taste sweet with a hint of fresh sour typical tangerines.

By the government of Buleleng, Tangerine Tejakula is now being re-developed in Gerokgak and other area. With the support from the regional government, Ministry of Agriculture and farmers who are still eager to develop this fruit are expecting that Tangerine Tejakula could become a success again.

Tangerine Siam Kintamani:

This tangerine is from Kintamani, Bangli sub-district. It has the superiority which can be developed to increase the Kintamani’s farmers economy. This Tangerine has a sweet taste, yellow-orange colored with a productivity of 40 - 70 kg/ tree/ year. It can grow on highlands area.

Nowadays, Agro tourism has begun displaying Tangerine Siam Kintamani as one of the prime product in several places in Bangli. The Ministry of Agriculture has encouraged the development of Siam Kintamani cultivation cluster in Bangli, Badung, and Gianyar Bali.

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