News » Agriculture Minister Observes the Development of Belgian Blue Cow

(adm/Jun 28, 2019)

East Java – Indonesian Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman visited Loka Penelitian Sapi Potong – Lolit Sapo (Beef Cattle Research Station), Friday (28/06/2019) at Pasuruan. Minister Amran who was accompanied by Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Fadrjy Djufry and Director of Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development Atien Priyanti Sudarjo Putri observed the progress of successful development on calves resulting form artificial insemination technology and embryo transfer.

Currently Lolit Sapo has resulted two male calves of genetic material Belgian Blue breed and two male Peranakan Ongole twins. Other than that, the center is waiting for seven cows that will give birth to Belgian blue calves and five breeding cattle that are expecting twin calves.

The development of Belgian Blue and twin cows is a program of the Ministry of Agriculture which aims to boost domestic meat production in support of Special Efforts on the acceleration for beef self-sufficiency (UPSUS SIWAB). This program is in accordance to the Minister of Agriculture regulation No. 48 / Permentan / PK.210 / 10/2016 concerning Special Efforts to Accelerate Increasing Population of Cows and Buffalo.

Minister explained that according to the president’s directive the Ministry of Agriculture is asked to accelerate cow populations. Currently there has been an increase up to one million cows, a very significant increase compared to the previous years. With the increasing of cow population, the ministry if optimist that Indonesia would achieve self-sufficiency in cattle beef for the next 10 years.

On the occasion, the Head of Lolit Sapi Dicky Pamungkas expressed that the achievement in developing twin cows is a success. In the next few months, Dicky hoped that there will an addition of calves from five breeding cows.