News » AIS Bangladesh Visits IAARD

(adm/Jul 03, 2019)

Jakarta – Agriculture Information Service (AIS) Bangladesh visited the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Wednesday (3/07/2019). The visit was intended as a mean of sharing information and experiences especially in the management of information technology to disseminate agricultural agribusiness as well as its supporting infrastructure.

Executive Secretary for IAARD Muhammad Prama Yufdy appreciated the visit and hoped that AIS would be able to gain the expected information and experiences. On the occasion, IAARD described the implementation of information and communication technology in IAARD.

Presented by Arif Surahman, IAARD currently has infrastructure, planning, disseminations that are based on information technology, agricultural dissemination supporting applications, and development of human resources. In addition, IAARD also informed about the implementation on communication technology in pest management by I Nyoman Widiarta as well as Ministry of Agriculture’s planting calendar application called Kalender Tanam (KATAM) by Aris Pramudia.

Head of AIS Bangladesh delegation Md. Rezaul Islam said that similar to the Indonesian Agriculture Ministry, AIS also has several infrastructure and agricultural technology dissemination channels and media. For example, AIS has website with interactive features and radio channel that could also facilitate farmers’ need for information.

The radio, as further explained by Rezaul, is set as a communication media between farmers and agriculture experts as well as the government. Farmers could easily inform anything that is happening on the field such as pests attack and request for assistances. Farmers could also share achievements that they have gained in agriculture sector while the radio is broadcasting live.

Moreover, Rezaul explained that more than 50 percent of Bangladesh population is in agricultural sector. As of that, it is AIS Bangladesh’s responsibility to focus on disseminating research results and technologies of agriculture to the society especially farmers.