News » DRN Technical Commission to Implement the RIRN

(adm/Jul 05, 2019)

Jakarta – Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister Mohammad Nasir inaugurated 74 members of the National Research Council (DRN) period of 2019 – 2020 which is divided into nine technical commissions (Komtek). The DRN members are responsible for guarding and implementing the National Research Master Plan (RIRN) for DRN partners, so that RIRN can mainstream innovation to the Indonesian economy.

Mohammad Nasir expressed his expectation in DRN members so that innovation could became the nation’s back bone to stipulate the creativity and quality of Indonesia’s human resources, spur economic growth by generating added value to Indonesian economic from various field. This, according to him has been stated in the President Regulation on RIRN.

Other than through RIRN which is supported and promoted by DRN, Mohammad Nasir is currently striving for more integration in research and the creation of innovation through the Law on the National System of Science and Technology (still being drafted). He hoped that in the future research will no longer be separated at technical ministry or other research institutions. Future research should be integrated in one strategic media/place.

Bambang Setiadi, Chairman of DRN period 2015 – 2018, said that research funded by government should benefit more for the public. According to Bambang, research nowadays is facing pressures to change its performance and efficiency, should result in more than the increase of knowledge.

Research should also play parts in supporting and designing social interactions, creating new industry, provide social humanities knowledge, and to guarantee the quality of social life.

Director General for Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) Ministry of Agriculture Fadjry Djufry is one of the commission members to be inaugurated as the Head of technical commission on Food and Agriculture. Fadjry hoped that IAARD could be more actively take part in organising the policy of national research priority especially on food and agriculture.  

Fadjry, after the inauguration on Thursday (4/7/2019), also hoped that IAARD could contribute more in promoting agriculture innovation technology to broader users.  

Former Head of Food and Agriculture technical commission and former DG of IAARD Haryono said that through the thoughts of DRN and all research society, Indonesia should not only maintain and strengthen the national research system but also raise foundation, infrastructure, and regional also national innovation ecosystem. As for food and agriculture sector, IAARD could play a role and take position as the leader in constructing the national system of food and agriculture research and innovation.