News » Inauguration of Three New Research Professors of IAARD

(adm/Jul 30, 2019)

Bogor – Ministry of Agriculture Research Professors Council inaugurated three researchers of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) as Research Professors, Monday (29/07/2019), which added the amount of IAARD’s professors to 138 people.

On the occasion, the new professors namely Dr. S Joni Munarso, MS., Dr. Benny Rachman, M.Si, and Dr. Ir. Titiek Farianti Djaafar, MP, presented their scientific papers according to their field of expertise.

Prof (r) Joni Munarso’s paper related to postharvest innovation technology to increase the quality, safety, and competitiveness of fresh food produce. Various innovations have been developed and are hoped to enhance the competitiveness of local fresh produce such as food crops, vegetables, and estate crops both at domestic and international markets as well as to increase farmers’ income.

Prof (r) Benny Rachman has had his strategic thinking on food supply and price stability, especially in big cities through food distribution centers to support national food security. His paper is on reformulating the big cities food buffer institutional to support food security.

Prof (r) Titiek Farianti Djaafar has developed processing innovation on several types of local beans for soybean substitution. The results have contributed greatly in the effort to leverage local resources while reducing dependence on imported soybeans. In addition, Titiek's conception also has contributed to small-scale agroindustry development policies and local economic empowerment.

The Minister of Agriculture in his written remarks read by the Director General of IAARD hoped that the three professors could collaborate and work together in the Research Professor Communication Forum (FKPR) and become a tutor and motivator for younger researchers in developing identity, integrity and professionalism.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, this synergy will not only be a model for other researchers, but it can concretely address the real problems that are faced by farmers today. This occasion is also hoped to drive the enthusiasm and motivation of other IAARD researchers to work perform better.