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(adm/Mei 04, 2010)

Most organic fertilizers in the market do not contain as many nutrients as the stated in the labels, causing losses to the users. Fertilizer testing instrument can help farmers, fertilizer supervisors, and the fertilizer business people to find out the quality of fertilizer quickly.

FTK: An instrument to determine the nutrient content of organic fertilizer rapidly in the field. This instrument is actually a quantitative simplified version  laboratory analysis.

Benefits: 1) to measure the nu-trient content N, P, and K of organic fertilizer rapidly and easily; 2) as a refe-rence in calculating the number of nutrient N, P, and K; and 3) to avoid using fertilizer which is not suitable with the nutrient content written on the label.

Working principle: 1) extracting nutrient N, P, and K in fertilizer; 2)  measuring the content of N, P, and K using a color chart; and 3) determining the nutrient content in fertilizer.

Status: has been registered to obtain a trademark.

Contact : Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRRD)

Fertilizer Test Kit (FTK)