Fertigation Machine for Vegetable Crops

Machine for mixing fertilizer and irrigation (fertigation) for vegetable crops that can be used for micro irrigation network, both in the green house and field. This machine consist of nine main components with special characteristic on the venture pipe that function to suck thick liquid fertilizer that will be applied with the irrigation water.

This technology can mix more than one liquid fertilizer with water irrigation at the same time so that efficiency of the application can be increased. This technology can automatically adjust the pH of the distributed irrigation water. In addition, it is potential to be developed for micro irrigation network both inside (more than 8mx30m) and outside the green house ( 0.25 ha) with irrigation capacity of 4m3/hour.

The commercial opportunity for this technology is for farmers or agro-industry which produce agriculture products that have high commercial value such as ornamental plants, vegetables, etc. to meet the needs of modern market.