Unpeeled Corn Sheller

This technology enables to peel corn without peeling the cornhusk from the cob, driven by 6 – 7 horse power diesel motor. Other main component is cylindrical husker that has different peeling gears to ease the peeling process and derived the peeling result from the cob and cornhusk. The cylindrical husker also equipped with a plat that functions as the cornhusk caster and a sieve that can be adjusted for its slant, thus it can press the peeled corn blended with the cornhusk.

The superiority of this machine is process the peeling without peeling the cornhusk which is more efficient as it reduces time and damage of the corn (<1%) as the cornhusk can function as a pad during the husking process. It has high capacity of 3.6 tons shelled corn/hour (for feed) and one ton shelled corn/hour (for seedling) with 99% cleanliness.

It is potential to be commercially developed by the agricultural mechanization industries to fulfill the needs of farmers, feed industries, and corn-based seedling industries.