Bima-8 Hybrid Maize Variety

Bima 8 Maize is super early yielding variety aged of 88 days. It has upright and firm stem, long and cylindrical shaped cod, straight and tight grain lines. Number of grain lines 14 - 16 lines per cod. Orange colored grain, pearl typed, and weighing 316g/1000 grain at 15 percent water level.     

High potential yielding up to 11.7 tons dry grain per ha. Contain 73.2 percent carbohydrate, 8.6 percent protein, and about 5.1 percent fat. Resistant to lodging and stayed green when harvested can be use as livestock feed. It is tolerant to downy mildew disease (Peronosclerospora maydis), leaf rust (Puccinia sorghi), and leaf spot (Helminthospororium maydis).

The existance of Hybrid Bima 8 is an alternative for farmer to get high result and is prospective to be developed by seed industry in order to succeed the maize self-sufficiency program.