Bima-9 Hybrid Maize Variety

Bima 9 maize very early yielding around 95 days, plant height 199 cm. Cod length about 24 cm and cylindrical shaped. The plant is very similar, has big and firm stem therefore is resistant to fall. Its grain line is around 14 - 16 lines per cod and pearl typed grain.

High potential yielding 13.4 tons of dry grain per ha, resistant to (bulai) disease, slightly tolerant to Helmintosporium and leaf rust disease. Bima 9 maize contains 74.2% carbohydrate, 11.9% proteins, and 6.6 % fat.

The existance of this maize variety is an alternative for farmer to get high yielding. This maize is potential to be developed by seed industry in order to succeed the maize self-sufficiency program.