Grobogan Soybean

Grobogan soybean released in 2008 by the Agriculture Minister Decree No: 238/Kpts/SR.120/3/2008. The origin of this variety is from the purifying the population of local Malabar Grobogan. Growth type determinant, hypocotyls and epicotyls also the flower’s color are purple, approximately dark green colored leaf, pubescence color of stem is brown, pod color is bright brown, seed color is bright yellow, old pod color is brown, and brown colored hilum.

Leaf shape is lanceolate, 30-32 days of maturity,  ± 76 cm of plant height, 50-60 cm plant height, weight of 100 seeds ± 18 g. This variety has yielding potential 3.40 t/ha and average yield yielding 2.77 t/ha. It contains 43.9 %db protein, 18.4 %db fat.  

This variety is well adapted to some growing environmental condition, in rainy season and well irrigated area.