Inpari 13 Rice Variety

Inpari 13 which was released in 2009 is a cross combination OM606/IR18348-36-3-3 and is classified in Cere Indica group.

Its maturity is 103 days, has upright stem and 101 cm plant height. This variety has 17 panicles productive tiller, green colored basal leaf and leaf sheet, white colored auricle, and also green colored ligule and leaf. Up righted leaf position and slightly drooping flag leaf.

With slender shaped and bright yellow colored grain, this variety has soft textured rice and contains 22.40% amylase. The average production is 6.59 t/ha and yielding potential of 8.0 t/ha.

This variety is resistant to brown plant hopper biotype 1, 2, and 3. It is slightly susceptible to bacterial leaf blight strain III, IV and VIII, and resistant to blast disease race 033 also slightly resistant to race 133, 073 and 173.

Inpari 13 is suitable to be planted in lowland rain fed rice agro-ecosystem up to 600 m above sea level.