Srikandi Kuning-1

Released on 4th June 2004, originated from the introduction material of CIMMYT Mexico and formed from the cross breed of 8 pure strains that have well joined power. The forming strains are derived from F2 Synthetic heterotic group A and B. During the forming, the strain has been selected for the establishment of the nature of the position of low-cob and leaf disease resistance.

The male flowering age 54 – 56 days, female flowering age 56 – 58 days. Up-righted green colored stem with 185 cm plant height. Average long green colored leaf, reddish clump color, and resistant to lodging.

This variety has medium cylindrical cob shape and sealed cornhusk. It has semi pearl yellow colored corn kernel. Amount of lines per cob are 12 – 14 weighing per 1000 kernels around 275 g. Contains 10.38% proteins, 0.477% lysine, and 0.093% tryptophan.  

Yielding average is 5.40 t/ha dry grain (ka.15%) and yielding potential 7.92 t/ha dry grain (ka.15%). This type is resistant to bacterial leaf blight H. maydis and Puccinia sp leaf rust disease also resistant to stem borer O. furnacalis. Recommend to be planted at lowland in rainy season.