Vima 1 Mung Beans Variety

Vima 1 released in 2008 by the line name MMC 157d-Kp-1. It is originated from single crossing in 1996 with male parent VC 1973 A and female parent VC 2750A.

This variety has yielding potential 1.76 t/ha and yielding average 1.38 t/ha. Days to 50 % flowering are 33 and days to 80 % maturity is 57. It has green colored hypocotyls, leaf, and epicotyls, yellow colored flower, green colored young pod, and black colored mature pod. The seed color is dull green and weighing per 100 seeds is 6.3 g.

It has 53 cm height, contains 28.02 % db protein, 0.40 % db fat, and 67.62 % db starch. Resistance to pests, this mung beans is resistant to powdery mildew.