Bimo CF

Bimo CF starter is used for cassava fermentation in the making of biological modified cassava flour. It contains carrier agent and lactate acid bacterium active materials which added with nutritious specific concentrate to increase the effectiveness and stability of the lactate acid. In addition, Bimo CF produces more white powder and eliminates the bitterness of the flour flavor.

This processing technology has the superiority in its applications which is more simple (only one step), directly spread onto the water where the cassava is being submerged. The dosage of one kg of Bimo CF is for 10 tons peeled cassava through a relatively short fermentation process around 12 hours.

The modified cassava powder is suitable for various food products such as cakes, cookies, noodles, with competitive prices compared to wheat flour or other flour, so that it can substitute the wheat flour.

Bimo CF is potential to be developed and commercialized in food industry or by raw materials suppliers of food processing industry.