Vegetable Drying Machine with Far Infrared Technology

This dryer machine can be use for various types of vegetables with Far Infrared technology. The processed vegetables enable to adsorb long wave radiation on the FIR span which could maintain the good quality of vegetables.

The machine consists of propulsion equipment, drying tunnel, and the frame. Framework of such a device equipped with speed control devices, heaters or radiators FIR, conveyor belts, and a spacer between the heater and the material. The whole dryer aisle is covered with aluminum plate and on the bottom mounted a vacuum vapor fan. The fuel used is Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

This machine has the superiority in producing dried vegetables with better qualities and hygiene, longer storage, stabilized nutritional value because of the minimal physical and chemical characteristic changes. FIR technology is highly efficient because the radiation heat emerges directly through the molecule and breaks the molecular bonds of water molecules in the material without going through an intermediary medium (air) as well as on the process of convection and conduction.

This machine has the potential to be developed further by the instant / ready to eat clean and healthy vegetable processing industry. In addition, it could be to encourage the distribution of vegetables within an increasingly distant from the centers of production.