IP – 3P Jatropa Curcas L. Variety

This variety is a recurrent selection of IP2-P population. Six weeks of seedling, flowering aged in 6 weeks after transplanting, and harvesting aged in 14 weeks after transplanting.

In the first year, number of panicles are 60 panicles/plant and 550 fruits/plant. The weight of 1000 seeds is 68.5 g with 7% moisture. Its yielding potential increases in line with the plant’s age. In year I, II, and III, the yields are around 2.3 – 2.6 t and 8 – 9 t/ha/year and is well grown in 500 – 2500 mm rainfall/year.
Its superiorities are having highly potential production, can be intercropped at its young plants, and contain 33 – 36% oil. Also potential to be developed and commercialized by agro-industry in the line of bio-energy for future needs.