Superior Varieties of Pecans Sunan 1 and Sunan 2

In 2011, Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture generated superior varieties of pecans Sunan 1 and Sunan 2. Both superior varieties are tolerant against leaf pests and resistant to plant diseases/pests. Productivities of Sunan 1 and Sunan 2 are 110 + 16.9 and 76.55 +18.2 kg seeds/ tree per year, respectively.

Sunan 1 can be developed in the areas with altitudes of 500-700 m above sea level and B climate type, meanwhile Sunan 2 is suitable for elevations of 50 - 400 m above sea level with B and C climate types. Plant reproduction of both varieties can be done through seeds and grafting.