Pro-biotic Bioplus

Pro-biotic bioplus is a mixture of rumen non-pathogenic microbes, i.e. fiber digester bacteria (population 109/g) and digester fungi fiber (105/g). This product is obtained from various ruminant and monogastric livestock which is then transferred to other livestock. The addition of bioplus is to improve the productivity, especially to efficiently utilize low quality feed.

This technology can increase the efficiency of low quality feed utilization, improve livestock health, accelerate its growth, prevent bodyweight loss during dry season when the feed quality becomes very poor, incline the mother’s body condition score, and improve the feed consumption ratio.

By using probiotik bioplus, synthetic substances such as antibiotic or growth hormone are no longer needed. In addition, it does not cause residues in the livestock tissues.

This probiotik bioplus is potential to be developed for agro-feed industry at animal husbandry centers that has low quality of feedstuff and or at the dry season as reserved feed.