Sumatran Composite Sheep

This composite sheep is a superior sheep, crossbred between local Sumatran sheep stock and St. Croix sheep stock from Virgin Island, United States and Barbados Blackbelly from Barbados Island. The research of this sheep kind was carried out in more than two decades until it produce a sheep that can be developed in conditions of semi-intensive maintenance.

This sheep has characteristics of having various colored pattern wool such as white, brown, stripes, or Barbados Blackbelly pattern. The superiority of this sheep are able to adapt in humid and tropical environment, has the whole year reproduction cycles, fine growth (101 g/day), and has the same number of offspring as the locals which now populated around 23 thousands and spread mainly in North Sumatra, NAD, Riau, Banten, also Central Java provinces.

The Sumatran Composite Sheep has been collaborated with the hybrid coconut plantation, palm oil plantation, rubber plantation, and Wiraswadaya Cooperative Body.