Centers/Institutes » North Maluku Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (North Maluku AIAT)

Dr. Ir. Bram Brahmantiyo, M.Si

Kepala Balai

Phone: 0921-326250
Fax: 0921-326250

Office Address:

Jl. Inpres Ubo-Ubo 241
Ternate Selatan - Maluku Utara
Phone: 0921-326250
Fax: 0921-326250,

North Maluku AIAT (Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology) is one of the technical implementation unit (TIU) of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development of Ministry of Agriculture. The working area of North Maluku AIAT includes Province. North Maluku AIAT has the task of carrying out the assessment, assembly and development of appropriate agricultural technology specific location

North Maluku AIAT coordinated by Indonesian Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment and Development