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Dr. Ir. Rudy Soehendi, MP

Dr. Ir. Rudy Soehendi, MP

Head of OCRI

Phone: 0263 - 512607
Fax: 0263 - 514138

Office Address:

Jl. Raya Ciherang, Segunung Pacet
Cianjur 51260 - West Java
Phone: 0263 - 512607
Fax: 0263 - 514138,

IOCRI is one of the technical implementation unit on ornamental R&D under the coordination of Indonesian Center for Horticulture Research and Development (ICHORD). The main function of IOCRI are to conduct research on :

  • ornamental crops (breeding, physiological and agronomical aspects, agroecosystem, agroeconomic, post harvest, mechanization for product development, protected environment, comodity and residual analysis of pesticide and fertilizer);
  • technology component of ornamental production system;
  • exploration, evaluation, maintenace and beneficieary usage of ornamental germplasm, and
  • to conduct technical services, cooperative program and research dissemination.

Ornamental research and development priority was designed on commodity-based orientation. Up to this moment, the research was mainly focused on orchids, roses, jasmine, tuberose, potted plant and landscape ornamentals. Other important and strategic commodity handled were gladiolus and chrysanthemum.

Research program was directed to solve and make breakthroughs from the constraints related with productivity, plant protection, seed production, market and other detemining factors that highly connected with sustainable production of ornamental. Biotechnology researches on breeding and seed production were prioritized in these concerned.

Research Highlight

IOCRI coordinated by Indonesian Center for Horticulture Research and Development