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Dr. Soeharsono, S.Pt., M.Si

Dr. Soeharsono, S.Pt., M.Si

Head of IRIAP

Phone: 0251 - 8240751, 8240753
Fax: 0251 - 8240754

Office Address:

Jl. Banjarwaru, PO Box 221, Ciawi
Bogor 16002 - West Java
Phone: 0251 - 8240751, 8240753
Fax: 0251 - 8240754,

IRIAP carry out research poultry, dairy and dual purpose cattle, buffalo, dairy goats, sheep and various animals. Besides that, IRIAP also has the functioned in implementation of the exploratory research, identification, characterization, evaluation and utilization of livestock and forage germ plasma; implementation of research breeding, reproduction and nutrition in livestock poultry, dairy cows and dual purpose, Buffalo, Sheep, Dairy Goat and various livestock; implementation of animal biotechnology research and agrostology; implementation of the research component of the technology, system and livestock agribusiness; provision of technical services of livestock research activities; preparation of co-operation, information and documentation and dissemination and utilization of livestock research results;

Research Highlight

IRIAP coordinated by Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development