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Ir. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc.

Ir. Dicky Pamungkas, M.Sc.


Phone: 0343 - 481131
Fax: 0343 - 481132

Office Address:

Jl. Pahlawan, Grati
Pasuruan 67184 - East Java
Phone: 0343 - 481131
Fax: 0343 - 481132,

  1. Conducting exploration, evaluation, conservation and utilization of beef cattle germplasm.
  2. Glorification of conducting research, reproduction and nutrition of beef cattle.
  3. Conducting research components and systems technology agribusiness beef cattle.
  4. Cultivation techniques provide beef cattle.
  5. Preparing cooperation, information and documentation and dissemination and utilization of research results beef cattle.
  6. Conducting business administration and the home.

BCATRES coordinated by Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development