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Ir. Hendri Sosiawan, CESA

Ir. Hendri Sosiawan, CESA

Kepala Balai

Phone: 0511 - 4772534, 4773034
Fax: 0511 - 4773034, 4783742

Office Address:

Jl. Kebun Karet, Lok Tabat
Banjarbaru 70712 - South Kalimantan
Phone: 0511 - 4772534, 4773034
Fax: 0511 - 4773034, 4783742,

The basic task of IWETRI is conducting research on wetlands for agriculture. IWETRI has the function among others; to do exploration, characteristic, and conservation research on wetland ecosystem for agriculture; to do research on the management technology of the wetland resources; to do research on the technology system component and wetland agribusiness. IWETRI also has the function to conduct services for wetland agricultural research; to prepare cooperation, information, documentation, and dissemination and the use of the wetland research results.

IWETRI coordinated by Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development