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Ir. Mas Teddy Sutriadi, M.Si

Head of IAERI

Phone: 0295 - 385215
Fax: 0295 - 381592

Office Address:

Jl. Raya Jakenan Km. 5
Pati 59182 - Central Java
Phone: 0295 - 385215
Fax: 0295 - 381592

Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute (IAERI or known as Balingtan), is a group of positions that are technically functional studies mandated to assist the duties and functions of Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICARD, known as BBSDLP). Previously, the Garden Balingtan Experiment (1953) is held below the Central Institute of Agricultural Research (LP3) Bogor. Along with the development of the agricultural sector, the Garden Experiments in rainfed land area is experiencing changes as a function of the national station crop research on rainfed land under food crops research institute (1981).

The role of the Garden Experiments considered strategic progress, prompted the government to promoted status of this experiment garden to Food Crop Research institute (Lolittan) in 1994. This institute is held under Research and Development Center for Food Crops and has a new function, which is carrying out research activities in the field of food crops land and environmental pollution. Lolittan name changed in 2002 under Decree No. 66/Kpts/OT.210/1/2002 Mentan Loka Environmental Pollution of Agricultural Research (Lolingtan) under Puslitbangtan. Accordance mendatnya, Lolingtan conduct research in the field of environmental pollution on farms and handling.

Environmental issues are increasingly important to make Lolingtan has a very strategic role. Based on these roles, the government improve the status of the Lolingtan Environmental Research Center of Agriculture (Balingtan) in 2006. Thus, the responsibility of having become more bigger and complexes. The objectives are performed by conducting research Balingtan agricultural environment, while its function is doing agricultural research environment, conducting research component management technology; and remedies to pollution control and environment-friendly agricultural cultivation; provide engineering services and preparation of cooperation, information and documentation and dissemination and utilization research results of agricultural environmental pollution; and implement administrative and institute household it self.

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IAERI coordinated by Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development